Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots going on!

Whoah it's been a while. That's probably the longest blog break I've taken. I apologize for my tardiness.

Little Miss Nutley is doing great. She's grown quite a lot in the last few weeks. Not just in size but in all of the new things she is doing.

  • Sucking her thumb/hand. Livi drools a LOT. She blows bubbles and drenches the front of her clothes. This is most likely due to teething. She especially likes to put her fist in her mouth and drool all over that. It's funny to watch because it looks like she's trying to eat her own hand. Sometimes she even tries to get both hands in at once.
  • Holding her head up. Not fully yet but we've almost got a 90° angle. We're at like 82° right now.
  • Smiling and laughing. She smiles pretty easily. A funny face or smiling at her puts an instant grin on her face. We're at 76% of a laugh right now. She makes a noise that sounds like a grunt kind of and that may be a laugh in her head.
  • Talking. She makes a lot of noise. She usually wakes us up in the morning with a quiet scream. Instead of instantly crying she just goes "Ahhh!" but at a regular volume. Sam swear she makes a noise that sounds like "Want out!." When she's happy she talks rhythmically to something. She's being talking to her 3 turtles on her swing mobile. Kind of a grunt/moan every 3 seconds at a regular rhythm.
Last week was full of plenty of activity. Olivia had her first St. Patrick's Day. She had many
outfits so she was wearing green all week. Here's what she actually wore on the 17th.

The next day, Kelly and Kyler came up to Vancouver and we all went to the Aquarium. Liv slept through most of it but woke up near the end in time to see the beluga whales.

Mommy and Liv with the whales.

She even slept through a butterfly landing on her stroller.

Then Saturday was a big day for me as the start of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC season. I snapped a photo of Livi wearing my scarf before I left for the game.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleeping Through Downtown

Olivia is 11 weeks old now. Doesn't seem like a lot and I guess it isn't. She has made many changes in that time though. Looking back at pictures of late December she looks very different. Back then she was wrinkly and shy. She didn't move a lot, all she did was sleep and eat. She was tiny and everyone held her like she was made out of glass.

Now she's awake for long periods at a time. She smiles a lot and makes noises trying to imitate Sam or I. She still eats a lot but it's getting to be longer periods at a time. I guess we still treat her like she's made of glass though. That will probably go on for a while.

We're having lots of fun with our little girl. I sat on the floor and played with her for almost 45mins yesterday. She loved it. I went through her entire toy basket seeing what she liked the most. (Proud to say that the guitar was a HUGE hit). She also likes this crazy toy with at least 20 different things hanging off of it. It looks like a mess of a bunch of toys squished into one. There's a few pieces that crinkle when you squeeze them and thats what got her attention.

She also had a bath last night which she is enjoying now. I remember her first few baths when she cried throughout the whole thing. Now she calmly sits back and enjoys the baby hot tub with the two adults scrubbing her down and patting her dry.

She spent last Saturday downtown walking around. Well actually she slept the whole time in her stroller but the day was beautiful and we got some great photos. She finally woke up at the pub when we met Uncle JP for a drink.

Nothing big planned for the weekend. Most likely going to stay in and hang around the house. She finally gets to meet her Great Nana and Aunt Trish next week who are flying from Phoenix. I'm sure they're excited to see her.