Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh yeah we're pregnant

I think it's a peach now that our little Nutley has grown to the size of. Pretty far along but still a long way to go. Sam is doing great as she did last time. She handles pregnancy very well and complains very little. She does lots for herself and is able to spend the day running after our little monster. A natural mother.

Things are a bit different this go around in the fact that lots of times, we completely forget that there's a baby on the way. You'll catch yourself thinking all of a sudden "Oh yeah, we'll have another one of these in July." KOW.

Olivia is currently fighting a cold. Only her second or third since she's been born which is good. She's very congested and coughing right now which wakes her up quite a bit. She woke up a few times last night and was a bit of a struggle getting her back to sleep. Thankfully my wife took care of that one and spent a while in her rocking chair soothing the little Smellybean back to sleep.

February should be a quick month with lots going on. A doctors appointment in a few weeks for another checkup on Sam and Livi's flushot. Then we're into March where we go for another ultrasound and eventually find out whether Livi's going to be a big sister or brother.....wait that's not right.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adding to the Nutley horde

Come July little Miss Nutley is going to have a little brother or sister.

Last week we heard the heartbeat at Sam's 3 month checkup. Both Sam and the baby are very healthy. KOW. He/she is currently the size of a peach and apparently is already kicking. We had one ultrasound last month but there wasn't much more than a dot to look at. We've got one scheduled in March that will show us a better pic as well as telling us whether it's a boy (Mortimer) or a girl (Mortimena). Those are not names we're considering AT ALL but some goofy name's we've been using so far. 

Livi is doing great. We keep finding out more and more everyday how smart the little stinker is. She can point out people and Sesame Street characters in pictures. She says a lot of different words now and not just repeating what we say to her. She's very good with shapes and matching as well as figuring out how things work. 

She's eating a huge variety of foods now including meat, eggs, dairy and chunks of fruit and vegetables. We're in the process of switching from formula to full on milk which is going well. She's not picky yet which is good.

So yeah, there we go. Big news from the Nutley house. Things are obviously busier than before. In addition to all of this we've got a 13 month old who runs and grabs and yells and eats and poops EVERYTHING! She also laughs and smiles and makes us laugh so I'm not complaining.