Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walk this Way

The Livster took her first few steps the other day. She was holding on to the couch while standing, turned around and walked over to the other couch with 2 shaky and wobbly steps. Not much of a walk but a very good start. We were able to recreate it once more after that by bribing her with an Xbox controller. We've tried it a few more times but we're not going to push it. We'll let her figure this out on her own.

She can easily walk alongside me holding one hand. Well maybe easily isn't the right word. It's not a very straight line and if she did that at a roadblock the VPD would have her in the back of a paddy-wagon. It is a lot of progress though.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Canucks!

The new Canucks season is only a few weeks away and we can't wait. Practice started up at Rogers Arena early Saturday morning and an invite was sent out to the fans to come to the stadium and watch. We took advantage of this opportunity to see the team and have some fun downtown. Livi loved it and actually clapped as the players came out.We all wore our Canucks gear and really had a great time. Here's hoping for another successful season.

Livi and Mommy

The Livster with Daddy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

De la Dinde

If I still remember my Grade 11 French (which I don't), that is supposed to mean "the turkey". Our little girl is now a little carnivore. She has eaten turkey and sweet potato and apparently liked it. We're still waiting to see what it does to her diaper situation.

Livi also picked up clapping which she does when you call her "good girl". Most of the time she keeps one hand stationary and moves the other one. Still counts as a clap even though her tiny hands don't make any noise whatsoever.

Things are going good in the Nutley household. Keeping busy and having fun. That's all for now. Feel free to comment with any questions or requests.

Friday, September 2, 2011

You can reach right up and touch the sky

OK so it's been a while. a LONG while.

I've started a new job in the last month and Sam's been starting her own company. All that plus chasing around an 8 month old keeps us pretty busy.

It's been a busy summer. We had planned to keep it quiet and relax and for the most part that's what we've done. With the exception of our camping trip last month, we've stayed in Vancouver and just visited many of the wonderful things we have a available in our beautiful city.

Livi has definitely grown since my last update. Just looking at that post it mentions that she had just gotten teeth, is almost 100% on bottles and started babbling. Now at 8 months she has 8 fully protruded teeth, she is eating baby food, drinking bottles and even eating Cheerios and has moved past babbling.

Her front 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) are all fully in. It has changed the look of her face and her facial expressions. She bites things (including fingers) so watch out. She even grinds them sometimes which seems to make some people queasy. Apparently it's just her "discovering" them and she'll grow out of it.

Olivia has a small list of fruits and vegetables that she eats very regularly and she seems to like them all. Peas, green beans, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peaches, bananas are all on there. She usually make a face when she tries a fruit on it's own. She also eats Cheerios and puffs on her own when we put them on her tray in front of her. Her tiny little crab pinchers pick them up and 50% make it into her mouth. the other 50% is usually stuck to her lip or on the floor.

She's also started a very small list of words. "Uh-oh" is technically her first though since it's pretty much two noises, in my mind I'm going to go with "Daddy" as her first. Right now she's very close to getting "Good girl" although it's mor elik e"Ggggggoo Ghhhhhlll". Almost the same thing.

Camping last month was a lot of fun. Auntie Daryla nd Uncle Alex joined us for 3 nights at Nairn Falls which is roughly 20mins past Whistler. It was a nice quiet campground with lots of scenery to take in. We hiked up to the falls one day as seen in the pic below. Lvi was strapped to my chest and managed to fall asleep despite the rocky terrain.

On Sam's birthday, we took a trip to Whistler for the day where we met up with Grandad Paddy and Nana Nutley. The Livster did very well the whole time "roughing it". Keeping the mosquitoes away from her was the only real problem we seemed to have.

Other than that our summer as a family of three has been fully loaded with trips around the city and taking advantage of the great weather. We should still have another month before fall sets in so I'm sure we'll have more to do.