Friday, September 14, 2012


Little Emma Nutley is almost 2 months old.

Still a week and a bit off of that now that I actually look at a calendar but close enough.

Things are going great with our little Emerald. She's a very happy and smiles all the time as you can see by the previous post. She's started 'coo-ing' and imitating us talking to her. She has her moments of crankiness don't get me wrong. It's not all sing-alongs and dancing around the Nutley house but she's a delight and very easy going.

Livi is doing great too. Repeating everything we say. EVERYTHING! She also says everything she is doing and everything she sees. We will be walking down the street and in 5 minutes our conversation is:

Liv: Bus!
Me: Yeah bus.
Liv: Dada, bus!
Me: Yeah bus Livi.
Liv: Bus, Daddy, Fun.
Me: Yeah fun on the bus
Liv: Mokol (motorcylce)
Me: Yep
Liv: Green. Blue.Poop. Emma. Cry. Oh gosh. Hat. Mickey.
Me: ??
Liv: One, Two, Three. Bus. hahahahaha
Me: :-)

Yep. She can count. She lines things up and can count to eleven. Sometimes she gets distracted and adds new numbers in. Bus seems to be a popular number that randomly pops in. I don't know what denomination a bus is though.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Girls!

These are just too cute not to share...

Olivia (20 months)

Emma (6 weeks)