Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fun! Pay-Gound!

Team Zissou - Junior Member
That is currently the most used phrase in our household right now. The first thing Livi says when she wakes up, when we put her on the phone to one of her grandparents, when I get home from work and when we're trying to get her to sleep. Apparently she has fun at the playground. We think anyway.

Our little girls are doing great. Emma is getting close to 3 months old now. Her first set of shots were last week. Everything went well. Emma screamed. Sam cried. Livi said Fun...Pay-Gound! She's smiling constantly at everyone and is overall a very happy little Nutley. She's making noise all the time and starting to laugh. Sam's very good at getting her to giggle.

Livi is doing great too. Getting more independent and grown up everyday. She's sleeping in her bed now for the most part. It took a little adjustment but she's getting used to it.

Passed out

It's starting to get a bit colder in Vancouver. The weather is still nice but we're wearing more jackets and toques. Thankfully we've got thousands of them and we're covered for every possible outfit combination. Nothing cuter than a kid in a toque.

Livi and her gang
We're looking at a busy few months ahead with weddings to attend, Halloween and a certain little girls birthday at the end of the year. Then Christmas 5 days later.

Wrapped up warm