Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pre (Pre) School

Out little Livster started pre-pre-school last week. It's just like pre-school except it's....before it? I don't know, what I do know is that she loves it.

The Sunshine Hills Pre-School is just down the street from us in Sunshine Hills (obviously). Olivia's teacher, Teacher Lorrie, came to our house a couple of weekends ago to meet her and tell her all about school. Liv was very excited to hear about all of the activities she is going to do such as painting, singing, playing outside and eating snacks.

Her first day was great. I took the day off work and we all went together and met some of the other parents. After going inside, Livi was shown where to hang up her back pack, wash her hands and where to leave her shoes. She went straight in to the play area and found some toys. After we left, we waved to her from the good bye window and drove away.

After picking her up later on, she told all about finger painting with shaving cream. She had a ton of fun and looks forward to going back.