Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Nearing the end of February now and the 3 of us are definitely ready to start spending more time outdoors. We took a frozen walk over to the duck pond down the street. We're still bordering on 0° here and it even snowed a little after we got home. Nana and Grumpy came along too and took some great pics.

The "quack-quacks" must have been starving because they rioted when we started tossing some bread for them. Livi watched in awe at these strange creatures that don't look anything like her rubber ducky that floats around her bath tub. 

The new little Nutley is doing great. The doctors appointment a few weeks ago turned out great. Heard the heartbeat again and Sam is doing great as well. KOW. We're going to the ultrasound a week from today and will hopefully find out what we're having (boy or girl) a few weeks after that. I bet the anticipation is going to drive Sam nuts. Should be a good time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stinky Feet!

Its been quite a while since we posted anything on here so, since there really hasn't been much going on, I thought I would just share a cute video for those of you who aren't on Facebook. :-) In case you can't tell, we pretend that Liv has stinky feet... a lot!

We have the new baby's ultrasound coming up on March 6th so we'll be sure to post photos of that afterwards and once we find out the gender (a few weeks later) we'll let everyone know as well! I (mommy) felt him or her kick a couple of (TINY) times last night which was very strange because although it hasn't been very long, I had almost forgotten what it feels like. Of course as soon as I felt it, I knew what it was and was very happy! Hopefully it won't be too long before daddy and Livi can feel it too!