Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready for my closeup.....

Photos from Livi's photoshoot have arrived and we love them. A big thank you once again to Jeanie at stu-di-o for the amazing pictures. I'll upload them to my Google album tonight for anyone to look at or you can check them out on Facebook.

Liv is doing very well. She's constantly talking in her baby language and smiling all the time. She's also getting into a good sleeping/eating routine. She eats more at a time but less times a day. We couldn't be more lucky about her sleeping habits too (KOW). Liv goes to sleep around 8:30pm and usually doesn't wake up until 7am. Perfect little angel.

She's got her first immunizations this Thursday and we're not looking forward to that. Hopefully she doesn't scream too loud.

Other than that nothing to report. A very happy little family here.

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