Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 Months

4 months ago we were in Peace Arch Hospital waiting for the arrival of little Olivia Nutley. She's grown up so much in that time. Last night I made a DVD of all of our Video Camera footage that we've taken since then. In her first videos, she was a tiny wrinkled baby. In her latest videos we've got her looking around, smiling and her latest squealing.

She does that all of the time now. It's like her version of talking. Just this morning, 6:20am, I'm eating breakfast at the kitchen table by myself. I had just seen Livi and Sam sound asleep upstairs. Out of nowhere a high-pitched squeal from the bedroom. Looks like Livi's up! She does it when she's happy so thats good. She's a very happy baby. Constantly smiling and squealing. 

Long weekend ahead for us. Day off tomorrow which is nice. I think we're going to have a picnic. Sunday is Easter so we're bringing Livi to church and then a quiet dinner at home. Can't wait.

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