Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day

My very first official Fathers Day. Last year we called it Fathers Day but she wasn't physically here yet. But now she is. And I'm her Dad.

The day before was more of a "Daddy-Daughter Day". Sam had her first wedding since Livi was born so I was on deck to take care of her for the day myself. It couldn't have gone any better. For the first time ever, she drank an entire bottle of formula. And then half an hour later she drank another one. We played with her toys together and she sang along as I played guitar. We also watched the Whitecaps beat Philadelphia together. Later at night, she ate her whole bowl of rice cereal without making too much of a mess. Then at around 8:30 I changed her into her pajamas and fed her a bottle of breast milk. She fell asleep before it was done and I put her to bed. She wouldn't wake up at all. A wonderful day.

Sam came home late at home to a sleeping family.It was a wonderful Fathers Day and my Sam got me a great present. A Ryan Kesler Canucks jersey. I can't wait to wear it.

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