Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow it's been a long time. All three of us have been so busy that we haven't had any time to update this blog. I started a new job last week and Sam has been busy trying to get her new business off the ground. Good thing is that there's plenty to write about now though.

Teeth: Little Olivia has a starter set of chompers. Three on the top and one on the bottom! You would never know by her attitude though. We just looked closely one day and saw that her top two incisors (thank you Auntie Daryl) were poking through her gums. She didn't cry at all.

Bottles: Livi is 99% eating out of a bottle or a bowl now. She loves her formula and her rice cereal. We have tested both rice and oat cereal and even started on peas. She definitely doesn't like those yet. She is going to have to eat her vegetables so we keep trying. Butternut Squash is up next.

Babbling: Olivia does this constantly now. It's like she's talking and in her head it's perfect English and we're supposed to understand every word she says. To us she sounds like a mental patient.

We've got plenty of pictures and video so those will have to be updated too. I've got a Google Picasa account set up. The link is here:

I'll see about putting a permanent link on the page and keep things updated.

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