Wednesday, May 26, 2010


No our baby isn't an Englishman but it is the size of a lime. That was kind of a big jump there. Seems like it doubled in size. If this continues our baby is going to come out the size of Donkey Kong.

Nothing much new since last update. Same symptoms and cravings.

It was great to see over the weekend at a party that we had, how supportive and happy our family and friends are. There were toasts, questions and concerns all about our little Nutley. We truly are a very lucky couple. KOW.

We're thinking of going down to Seattle for the day on Saturday so we'll try and get some pictures taken of the Mommy.

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  1. Comment #1: The size of a lime?!? WOW
    Comment #2: Sure, you guys think about taking a day trip to Seattle when I'll be in Bellingham for the weekend instead of my Seattle home.
    Comment #3: 8 days was way too long to go w/o an update. Sean...stay on top of this. I want to know EVERYTHING ;)