Monday, May 31, 2010


On Saturday we drove down to Seattle for the day. It was raining and overcast in Vancouver...and it was the same in Seattle. Oh well, didn't matter, we weren't going for the sunshine. We arrived just before noon and spent the next half an hour looking for parking. This already felt the same as home.

Our first stop was the Experience Music Project. I hadn't been in about 5 years and Sam had never seen it. Cheap tickets at only $15 made us happy. Since the gift shop was right by the front door we went there first and picked up our babies first soother.

Then we walked around the rest of the museum and looked at a bunch of stuff for me.

Me messing around with
a display.

After that it was time to get on the monorail and head towards the mall. After a stop in the food court we walked down to the famous market.

Had a great time and we'll try to go back more often.

As for the baby, everything is going great, KOW. Tomorrow is going to be 3 months which is a very good milestone to hit. Sam says she can start to feel that there is a baby in there when she lies a certain way. We found a book last night that shows you actual sizes of the babies progress and it was amazing to see how everything is formed already and how big it is. Well tiny really but bigger than you think.

The next doctors appointment is next Thursday and we're supposed to hear the heart beat at that one.

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