Friday, August 6, 2010

Honu U'Uku

We're back!!

Had a great time in Maui. Lots of sun, good food and drinks. Spent lots of our time laying around relaxing. Took a day trip to Molokini to go snorkeling, I went surfing one day and we also fit in a luau.

Here's a link to the Facebook Album for anyone to take a look at the pictures.

Sam is doing great. We're up to week 21 now which is past the halfway point. It is now the length of a banana. Apparently the rapid growth stops and the changes in size will be much smaller than they were previously.

It is also Sam's birthday today so we're going out tonight to celebrate.

P.S. Honu U'Uku is the Hawaiian word for "Tiny Turtle" which we added as another nickname on our trip.

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