Monday, November 15, 2010

One Month To Go

Today is November 15, 1 month until the due date. Whether she arrives directly on time, earlier than expected or fashionably late is yet to be determined.

Sam being pregnant seems like such a normal thing now. Knowing she cant drink wine, eat seafood or anything with a possibility of raw eggs seems like it's just part of our life. I think it's going to be weird getting back to normal afterwards. It will be a lot of fun seeing her having her first glass of wine or pint of Strongbow again. JP already told her he's bringing wine to the hospital.

The baby shower was last weekend and we received a tremendous amount of gifts from our Southern family (and a few Northerners). I'll let my wife post the pictures.

We want to thank everyone that came and a big thank you to Auntie Daryl for putting everything together.

The Canadian shower is going to be in January held by Auntie Rachel.

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