Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Pickle

Any day now. We're ready. I know the due date isn't for 2 weeks but we're ready. I mean we want her fully developed and healthy but it's hard to stay patient when we're this close.

We started and almost finished our Christmas shopping on Saturday. Sam and I took the train downtown and spent a few hours walking around the busy streets of Vancouver picking off gifts one by one. We figured it's better to get it done now while we've got the free time.

On Sunday we headed back downtown with some friends to see the Vancouver Christmas Market. It's a German style village set up near Queen Elizabeth Theater with all types of food and beer and Christmas themed entertainment. Sam bought a Christmas Pickle......I have no idea.
NOTE FROM SAM: The German Christmas Pickle is a tradition often practiced on the Western Christmas holiday. In this tradition, a glass pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas Tree and the first child to find it will receive a gift that will supposedly bring a year of good luck.
Other than our busy weekend, things are going good. We can feel the baby moving almost constantly and all of her checkups are great. Our bags are packed and everything is ready to go. All family members are on full alert and we'll let them know when we hit Code Red.

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