Friday, January 28, 2011

The many moods of Olivia Rees Nutley

There's not much new with the Nutley's in that last little while. Olivia is doing great and so are Sam and I. Trying to get in as much times as a family as we can. Of course stuff like work and sleep get in the way. Hoping this weekend is a nice relaxing time with my girls.

Olivia is getting more of her own personality as the days go by. Some observations so far:
  • When she cries it's usually either due to her being hungry or gassy. Hungry = Mom, Gassy = Dad. And I'm getting good. Doesn't take long for her to let it go when I've got her.
  • If she's tired, she just falls asleep. She can sleep anywhere. Sitting straight up, over your shoulder, in her car seat. Out like a light.
  • She is also very easy going. Completely content with just laying there and staring at a plain white wall. There's only really been once occasion of "ohmygodshescryingwhywontshestop!?!". After a little while she let out 4 massive burps and it stopped.
  • She's definitely very happy too. Smiling away while I make noises at her or when she can hear Sam's voice. A very happy baby.
  • She also has a fake cry which is just a girlish little squeal. No real confidence or authority behind it. Like a baby's version of "Hey!". I think it's related to paying attention to her. Though she is fine to sit on my legs while I play video games and just stare at me. I guess she just gets bored after a bit.
  • She likes to move too. A lot of kicking in a circular motion which looks like she's riding an invisible bicycle. Her arms flail as well. If she's fussy and you're holding her, she'll punch you right in the chin. You cant take it seriously as it's like being punched by a small toy. It is funny though.
A lot of little moods and reactions are making up the personality of my daughter. She is a good combination of both Sam and I. Thankfully the good parts.

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