Friday, May 27, 2011

5 months

Well it's been a little bit. Things have been busy for all three of us. Work wise and at home.

Little Olivia has surpassed the 5 month mark now. She's getting much bigger and so many new things have been going on.

  • She has been rolling over regularly. Front to back, back to front. She can do it all. 
  • She sits up as well. Once in a while if she leans for something she'll make a full faceplant like daddy after the bar. We can sit her up on the couch and play with her and for the most part she stays vertical.
  • I think I mentioned grabbing before but now it's even more prevalent. My beard seems to be a big target.
  • Laughing  is easily achievable now. Her cheeks are like a trigger for baby giggles. She also laughs when I make funny faces at her.
Other than that we've been following the Canucks playoff run and celebrating together as they made it to the finals. Livi usually wears her Nucks gear and waves her white towel on the goals.

Her Christening is going to be this weekend so it should be good to get everyone together and have a good time.

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