Monday, May 2, 2011

Making Progress

Lots of progress in the world of Olivia in the last few weeks.

She's started rolling over from her front to her back. As seen in the video below, she's able to make the full flip and land facing up. It now means we have to be even more careful while she's laying down somewhere because she could roll right off of whatever she's on. Babies don't bounce.

She also grabs everything in her sight. Glasses off your face, hair off your head and even a nostril or two. Even walking by something she'll grab it and hold on. Most things go straight to her mouth such as toys, fingers and newspapers. She tried to eat the comics while I was reading them to her. Maybe her tongue is like a Silly Puddy and will take the impression of the paper. Probably shouldn't test that out.

She also took her bottle in her own hands and drank it. That one was a shock and probably just a rare moment. Pretty amazing to watch though.

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