Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Miss MESSY!

Recently, I purchased a couple of books from the Little Miss series for Liv and we've been reading them before bed. She loves them but somehow seemed to discover one that I didn't purchase and has taken some major inspiration from it's title character. 
Livi has decided that she MUCH prefers to play with her food rather than eat it...Maybe she's trying to tell me she wanted to be Little Miss Messy for Halloween! Here is some pretty funny photo evidence:

 Beets and Sweet Potatoes became finger paints instead of lunch the other day...

and this morning's banana cereal became hair gel instead of breakfast! I suppose it didn't help that when she splattered some on Sean he gave up and started smearing it all over her too! lol! Oh least we had a fun morning!

We're off to a friend's daughter's Birthday Party this afternoon and its a costume party too so we're looking forward to a lot of fun! Photos will be posted soon!

Happy (and Safe!) Halloween Weekend Everyone!

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