Friday, October 21, 2011

To the Pumpkin Patch we go...

We took Livi to visit her first Pumpkin Patch last night and she had a great time! We all did! We got to go on a hay ride, feed some goats and we each picked out a pumpkin to bring home. 

Here is the Patch we visited. Its right by Sean's work but VERY hard to find...stinkin TomTom took us on a ridiculous trip in a few circles before we evenutally found it even CLOSER to Carmanah than we had thought!

 Liv and Daddy on the Hay Ride having a great time!

Liv hanging out with the pumpkins...some of them were bigger than she was!

Mommy and Liv checking out the actual pumpkin patch. We ended up selecting a Daddy pumpkin, Mommy pumpkin and a Livi pumpkin and we're really looking forward to carving them this weekend! We'll post pictures once they're finished.

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