Thursday, November 17, 2011

11 months

Well it's been a while. Seems that I start most blogs this way. Guess that's due to not having the time to write as often as I'd like. Chasing a very active 11 month old and working full time definitely keeps your life pretty full.

That's right, Livi is just about 11 months old which means in about a month we will be celebrating her first birthday. Crazy to think how much our life has changed in the last year.

Now on to the important stuff, Olivia! She has grown up quite a lot in the last little while.She talks a lot. From saying hi to every stranger we pass on the sidewalk to calling for "Mama" "Dada" or growling "Papa" for Grumpy.

She stands completely on her own with full confidence. She has still only taken a few steps at a time but walking is right around the corner.

Her newest trick is our favourite. Kissing on command. Very sweet.

Well better get back to work. Sorry for the short post.

She's a very good girl and we love her very much.

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