Monday, November 21, 2011


This past Saturday, we had a trial run for Olivia's first birthday party...

Liv's Godmother, Auntie Kinsey, threw her a Surprise Birthday Party because she will be working in Florida for the month of December, meaning she'll miss the real party.

It was a Princess/Cupcake theme and fortunately (after a previous wardrobe/diaper malfunction) Livi's outfit matched the theme PERFECTLY!

Livi had never opened a real present before...she was SO excited!

Livi especially loved her Princess Hat!

Kinsey gave her a Disney Princess tent and sleeping bag set, which packed up neatly into a great little backpack. Once Liv had her bag all packed, she grabbed the in flight announcement booklet and was ready to go be a Flight Attendant with Kinsey right away!

We set up the tent in Livi's play area this morning and she absolutely LOVES it! She's been crawling in and out, bringing in new toys and shrieking with delight since I finished putting it together!

Thank you again to Auntie Kinsey for going out of your way to make Livi's first birthday SO special. We love you SO much!

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