Monday, December 3, 2012


A week after it started, few remnants remain. Livi finished her antibiotics this morning, Sam and I have a few remaining symptoms and Emma coughs like a barking seal. Other than that the cold is gone!

Due to the illness we've had a bit of a quiet week. Friday night was dedicated to assembling our Christmas tree and decorating the house. Livi had a great time and was amazed by every single ornament that came out of the box. Then she got up on my shoulders and put the star on top, Emma sat in her swing and smiled. Next year there will probably be an argument over who gets to do it.

Saturday was a party at the Keens house for Derek's birthday as well as a housewarming. We brought both of the girls to show them off to friends. Livi made a friend, Gracie who is about the same age. We're trying to set up more chances for them to play. After an hour or so, Nana and Grandad took our two girls back to their house for a sleepover where they both behaved like angels. Mommy and Daddy got some well deserved socializing in at the party and had a great time.

Sunday morning we picked up the girls and later returned to Nana's house for the Nutley tradition of baking Welsh cakes for Christmas. Livi was a great help this year using a cookie cutter to create the shapes herself.

Daddy and Grandad also followed tradition by enjoying a few drinks at the bar with Uncle JP.

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