Monday, November 26, 2012

Aaaannnnnnndddd, they're all sick

Yep. All three. All three girls in my house are sick.

Livi started it all off with a runny nose on Saturday. Not too big a deal and she definitely didn't act like she was sick.

Sunday morning she woke up pretty much the same. We went out for breakfast and did some shopping. Nose kept running but she was in good spirits. Lots of juice and a nice long nap.

By late afternoon the nose ran more and more to the point of it being plugged and she could only breathe through her mouth. We figured it would be hard to sleep so I wasn't going to force in to bed, instead just let her sit up with me on the couch with a blanket and pillow. I lay Emma down around 8pm upstairs and she went to bed wonderfully.

Livi sat up but then around 9pm she started getting tired and tried to lay down to sleep. Tossing and turning constantly on the couch. She asked to go up to bed so we did that but to the same result. She tugged on her ear and said "Daddy, ear hurt." I knew an ear infection would be bugging her and made it hard to sleep.

Looking up remedies I found a suggestion to use a warm, moist towel on her face near her ear to alleviate the pain. Seemed to work pretty good and she calmed down a little. By this time she could barely stay awake and was falling asleep sitting up but waking because of her breathing being plugged.

After a long few hours of very agitated crying, Sam arrived home from work. Livi had gotten her second wind by now and was playing and pretending to be a moo cow on our kitchen counter. Sam spent the night in her room helping her sleep while I spent the night in our room with Emma.

Starting at midnight, Emma woke up at least once an hour when her nose plugged. Snorts and coughs were my alarm clock all night. Pick Emma up, on my shoulder, nose drain on shoulder, fall back asleep.

Everyone awake at 6am and now I've got 3 sick girls sitting on the couch at home. Hoping they all get better soon.

Let's also hope it's some sort of female cold and won't get passed to me. KOW

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