Thursday, February 7, 2013

A post about the Emerald

I know most of these posts are centered around the Livster and that's mainly because she's so active and charismatic. Sometimes little Emerald gets overlooked. She definitely doesn't get forgotten about by us and we equally divide our attention between these two scoundrels. It's just that Emma, let's face it, didn't do a lot.

The first few months it was sleep/eat/sleep/eat/poop/sleep. Then about a month ago she started her babbling and smiling and laughing. I think she's just trying to talk to Livi and join in on the running and playing. In the last week she's started sitting up on her own now and she loves it. She still needs a little help with her balance because she does gradually tip over.

P.S. The bottom left pic is a spitting image of Sam as a baby.

The little Emmers also has a funny habit of falling asleep anywhere. This is something that differs from her older, blonde counterpart. While Livi wouldn't sleep unless we turned off all the lights and put a blanket on her, Emma gets tired, closes her eyes and drops her head. It's kind of like watching a commuter on the skytrain after a long day at work. See the video below for an example:

Another thing she enjoys while sleeping holding on to things or putting them on her head:

So that's the focus of Emma's world right now. She's getting older and growing out of things quickly. You can tell she's a huge fan of Livi because she watched her constantly and reaches out for her. Livi can make her laugh more than anyone else by making faces or tickling her.

We love our little Pudge.

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