Friday, April 12, 2013

Holy hell it's been a while. I seem to usually start this blog by explaining why it took so long to update. It's seems that everyone is too busy these days and the same goes for us. My job has been very demanding lately and that's when I typically write these entries. Oh well, guess it means I'll have lots of info to update with.

I'll start with Emma who has grown up quite a bit in the last few months. She is around 8 1/2 months old, has 3 teeth all on the bottom, laughs and smiles constantly, says a few words (Dada, Mama and Nana) and sits up all by herself. No crawling yet. She's very close to standing on her own so the wee Emerald may just skip straight to walking.

She definitely loves having a big sister despite Livi bullying her all the time. She follows her around the room and they are constantly hugging and holding hands. They share toys and Emma even tries to imitate Livi when she says something. Can't wait to see these two grow up together.

Emmers has eaten a variety of food and taken it all very well. I think we started with sweet potatoes (yum), squash (yum) and peas (yummers). Here's a video of her eating:

As well as a few pics:

As for the Livster, she is still our sassy little 2-year old. Lots of full sentences demanding we bring her to the park or playground or shouting out what movie she would like to watch. It's hard not to just smile. Her newest phrases are as follows:


"Livi, let's go inside for dinner"

"Nooo, I can't!"

"Come on Livi, dinner is ready"

"I can't, I can't"

"Yes you can"

"I cannnnn't"


"Very dark Daddy"

"I know, it's nightime Livi, time to go to bed"

"Very dark"

She also uses it completely grammatically incorrect as well:

"How's the popsicle Livi?"

"I very like it!"

She definitely keeps us entertained. Looking forward to a fun summer coming up with our vacation at the end of April. A few days at the Great Wolf Lodge and then a few days in Seattle.

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