Friday, August 30, 2013

PNE & Playland

As per typical Vancouver weather, it rained and rained. Still a beautiful day in our fine city.

Like we do every year, we ventured out to the PNE yesterday. This was Livi's 3rd trip I believe and Emma's 2nd. Last year our little Emmers was only a few weeks old so she barely experienced anything.

This year with both of them being a bit older, it's getting to be more suited for them so their excitement was higher and they both had lots of fun. Our friend Kelly and her son Kyler joined us and everyone had a great time. Kyler and Livi were both able to run around together and go on all of the kids rides. After getting into the fairgrounds we immediately loaded up on food so everyone was fed full of burgers, hot dogs and poutine. Once that was out of the way, we made the mandatory diaper change and potty breaks at the parents station. (A wonderful idea where an entire trailer is set up for changing and cleaning up your kids). Next was a stop at the face painting booth where Livi and Kyler both got some cool designs done.

Since we got a break from the rain, the rides were next. Livi rode a motorcycle, hot air balloon, helicopter and two different trains. She's getting a lot more daring though she was a bit scared on the roller coaster.

Next up was a visit to see all of the animals which we didn't get pictures of. What else can I write here? Big horses, smelly cows, bunch of chickens. That pretty much sums it up.

Great day topped off with a tired car ride home and sushi for the Mom's and Dad.

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