Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Overdue Update pt.1

Apparently the last time I updated this blog was 3 months ago. Good thing this is not my job because I would have been canned weeks ago. I will try to be a better blogger. I was writing about our upcoming vacation so I'll start with that as I try to update everyone (cough - handful of readers) on what has happened in the last 3 months.

The vacation was awesome! All four of us has an excellent time. Starting with a Mariners game on Sunday afternoon where we had a blast watching the game and walking around the stadium.

After the game we said goodbye to the Meads and headed to our hotel just south of Seattle and had a relaxing night getting ready for the big day.

The next morning we drove towards Mount Hope where the Great Wolf Lodge was located. Both girls had a nice long nap on the voyage which set them up for the energy they needed to yell and scream along with all the other yelling and screaming children. It was like Vegas for toddlers and every parent there knew it. I'm surprised the bar didn't have a mile long lineup. We arrived in the afternoon and for the next 3 days we had a great time enjoying everything we could about the resort. We visited the water park multiple times where both girls loved every minute of it and I loved getting buckets of water dumped on my head while Olivia laughed at me. The amenities around the hotel were done really well and there was plenty to keep us busy. The last day was extra special as Sam and Livi got pedicures and ice cream before we left.

After we said goodbye to the Great Wolf Lodge, we headed back to Seattle for the next part of our vacation. We booked a great hotel in downtown and didn't have any concrete plans besides a few different places we wanted to see. Most of our time was spent walking the city around the market and through downtown. We made sure to get ice cream every day as Nana and Grandad gave Olivia her own money to buy it with.The first days's ice cream was special since it was 'free ice cream day' at a quirky little place that served unusual flavours. I had "Whiskey Maple Crack" and have been itching for it again since.

Down along the waterfront we visited some interesting places. After an hour in the aquarium, we had lunch in a nice sourdough deli and then an ice cream. Olivia and I (the braver members of the family) decided it would be fun to go on the giant ferris wheel. Olivia did surprisingly well and made one full revolution before she decided it was time to come down.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the Woodland Park Zoo. We hit this on the way home since it was north of Seattle and it was well worth it. I hadn't been there since I was about 10 but we both knew the girls were going to love it.Every type of animal imaginable was available to see and we were definitely not dissapointed. The pictures below can speak for themselves.

After a long hot day at the zoo, we headed back home. I'll write part 2 shortly which updates everything else since then. Stay tuned readers (all 4 of you).

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