Saturday, October 16, 2010

31 Weeks

We've passed the 31 week mark now. Her due date is just less than 2 months away. We couldn't be more excited and anxious and neither could our families.

The shopping continues on and on. Everything we see we need to have. Nana Nutley purchased the sleeper in the picture and we picked up the shoes and towels. Yes another set of shoes! She's never going to have a naked pair of feet.

We also picked up a nice collection of books that are going to decorate her little suite in our south wing.

Auntie Daryl has sent out invitations to the first Baby Shower of little Miss Nutley. For those readers not on facebook, it's going to be held November 6 at 1p
m at Auntie Daryl's house in Ferndale. All are welcome to attend so contact us for details.

Sam's feeling great, other than a cold that she went through last week. She's getting kicked constantly but she loves every minute of it. All is well with Mommy and Baby. KOW.

Here's a picture of Mommy at 31 weeks. (Almost 8 months)

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