Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby School

It's almost been a week now but we attended our Pre-Natal classes last Saturday. Held at Peace Arch Hospital along with 5 or 6 other first-time parents. We did everything from changing a diaper and dressing a doll to watching a Norwegian Breast Feeding video. No kidding, it actually showed a woman ski down a her alpine cottage...and breastfeed a baby on the front porch.

We also got to see the maternity ward and delivery room. The ward is almost done renovations and after December 15th we can use the all new rooms for delivery and recovery. We also got to witness our instructor give the baby a bath. My Mom later informed me that when I was a baby, I was the baby that the nurses used to demonstrate a bath. And I peed on the nurse. Ha.

We both felt it was definitely worth it and made us feel a bit more relaxed about the whole thing.

Sam is still doing well although the baby is now big enough to completely compress her bladder within seconds of using the facilities and so she is a constant visitor to the bathroom every where we go.

We've got Halloween this weekend and we're dressing up Saturday night for a party so we'll try and get some pictures up for that.

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