Friday, October 8, 2010

Our "Great" Deal

Sorry about the lack of updates. Work has been crazy lately and so has our social life. We had a lot of different things to do last weekend and barely had a moment to relax.

Our little girl has been very active through everything and moving around a lot. There's moments where we can clearly feel her turning and tell which body part we feel. She also moves a certain way, lands on Sams bladder and then Sam immediately has to pee. That one's always funny.

We found a bassinet a few weeks ago through craiglist and went downtown to pick it up. It was a very good deal and almost in brand new condition. We paid the nice woman and brought it outside to load it in the car. Obviously we didn't think ahead and realize that the back seat of a Mazda isn't huge. No matter which way we turned it this thing wasn't going to fit. We needed an allen key to take it apart so I scoured the car for tools or anything the right size to turn that socket. Of course, no luck.

Our next option was to carry this thing up the street to a mechanic shop. Looking like we stole the thing, my wife and I walked through downtown Vancouver carrying the bassinet. We spoke with the mechanic who looked through all of his tools and guess what? NO ALLEN KEY! OK now I have to go back to the car and drive around looking for a hardware store so we can purchase something to take this apart so it can fit in the car. Off I go finding a store only a few blocks up.

Looking around inside I cant find anything. The store owner says, "Oh we don't have that. You'll have to go up to Dunbar Lumber." OK then, off I go again while my wife sits outside of a mechanic shop next to a bassinet looking like a crazy lady talking to her imaginary baby. I finally make it to Dunbar Lumber and find what I need. (In a tool store though I realize, "Well I may as well buy this good set that includes 45 different sizes and add this to my tool collection." Guess that's another thing I inherited from my Dad.)

Anyway, back in the car, back to the
mechanic, back to my crazy-talking-to-imaginary-baby wife. (She didn't really do that, it's just funny to imagine.) I take the thing apart and in the trunk it goes. Our great deal bassinet was still a great deal despite the hassle and the extra tools but hey, it gave me something to write about and some new tools!

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