Friday, December 3, 2010

38 Weeks and Counting...

Nothing much new to report today except that we're under 2 weeks until the little lady's due date and getting more anxious and excited every minute! We had another doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is still going very well, Dr. told us not to get our hopes up about an early arrival though so that was a bit of a bummer. :-)

I also wanted to post a photo of our Christmas Tree since Seán mentioned it in his last post. Can you spot the Christmas pickle?! We're going to be doing a bit more Christmas shopping this weekend, but mostly just hoping to stay around the house and get a few projects finished up before the big day so we're all ready to go once our little princess makes her debut.

We will of course update everyone on any progress that may occur over the next few days and will try to post another Belly pic when Seán gets home tonight (Update: See Below) I swear the belly is smaller today which makes me wonder if she's dropped down into my pelvis? ...Maybe?! Fingers crossed!

Mommy @ 38 Weeks + 2 days

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