Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nutley Family Vacation

It's almost vacation time!

On Sunday we're leaving for our family vacation for the year. Just a small trip down to Seattle for a week. We figured it's a bit of a waste to do any big trips while the girls are so little so we'll save those for the next few years.

We're starting out Sunday with a Mariners game with The Meads. Sam is the only one who's every been and it was at the Tacomdome so we're looking forward to checking out Safeco Field.

Monday morning we're heading a bit farther south to The Great Wolf Lodge for two nights. There's supposed to be a ton of activites there to keep everyone busy. From a full waterpark to to an ice cream bar/nail salon and a handful of restaurants and bars (woohoo!) we should be pretty busy.

After that it's back to Seattle for 2 nights at the Westin downtown. We've got lots planned and hopefully the weather is nice so we can walk as much as possible.

Looking forward to the whole thing and we'll take plenty of pics to update the blog when we get back.

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