Friday, April 23, 2010


Baby is still the size of a Blueberry (until next Wednesday) so no new nickname yet. However, we have been calling him or her "Bug" once in a while. My wife came up with that in "No, I'm fine, it's just a little bug". Very clever if you ask me! She also found out how to 're-decorate' the blog hence today's new layout. It should stay like this until she changes her mind again...and then it will get it's third new look.

Anyway, nothing much new to report today, except that our first doctors appointment has been moved forward so its now going to be this coming Thursday at Peace Arch Hospital. Today is also "Grandpa" Rick & "Great-Nana" Joan's birthday so all three of us would like to wish them each a very Happy Birthday! Have a good weekend everyone!

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