Friday, April 16, 2010

Citrus Baby

No one knows (besides 2 sisters, a friend and a drugstore owner who sold my wife 7 pregnancy tests) but my wife Samantha Nutley is pregnant.

She just left the doctors office and we have our first appointment in May. 4 days ago I was surprised in the parking lot of work by a crying wife holding a digital pregnancy test that read 'pregnant'.

Don't worry they were tears of joy. We hugged while the thought of future responsibility rushed between our brains. We're both very happy, excited, nervous and anxious. My wonderful wife went home after this and confirmed the results by taking 6 more pregnancy tests. I later that night took one too. Sorry to report but I'm not having a baby.

We'll be using this blog to keep up to date with writing and pics for whoever wants to read it. The next 9 months are sure to be very busy and emotional as 2 brand new parents try to figure it out. Lucky we're going to have a lot of help. Hopefully.

P.S. The title may be confusing but apparently the baby is the size of an orange seed, thus the nickname 'Citrus Baby'.

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