Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mushy Peas

Day number....5? Well 5 from when we found out. The number of people in the loop grew last night. I told 4 of my best friends (JP, Rob, Tyler and Derek) and Sam told Laura. JP gave us a group hug, Rob said "How'd that happen?" and Tyler is going to get the baby a jean vest. It all went very well, everyone is very excited and happy. Tomorrow gets to be the big day where we tell our parents. I have no doubt it's going to be very loud and emotional. Tears, handshakes and hugs all around.

Nausea is starting. So far bacon and cucumbers are on the no-go list but like some magic elixir, sparkling water relieves the pain that those foods cause. Kind of like Legend of Zelda. Sam needs a regular helping of red or blue potions.

That's all for tonight. Oh and for the Mushy Peas, I've been informed that the baby is the size of a pea. Well calling the baby pea isn't very original or exciting and since I love mushy peas...Bingo! I have been informed though that the baby isn't mushy and it should be called strong. Not quite the same ring to it. To sum it up, I love mushy peas and I love my baby.

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