Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy won some money!

Our first wedding anniversary was this past weekend so we decided to spend Saturday night at the River Rock casino (where we stayed on our wedding night). We got a nice little package deal that included a room, dinner, breakfast as well as $10 in spending money for the casino.

We unpacked our things, put on some nice clothes and went for dinner. Apparently we were over dressed as the gentleman sitting next to us was wearing his best tye dyed "Cheech and Chong" shirt.

After dinner we went walking around the casino and decided to play our spending money. I put $10 into a slot machine and pulled once. Wow I won $5. Pretty cool. Pulled again and nothing. Pulled a third time and 4 koalas driving taxis appeared on the screen. What the hell is going on? Some computer animated coins dropped from the top of the screen and my credit count rose up.

Doing the quick math in my head I thought "Wow I've got $30 now". Pulled a few more times and didn't win so I cashed out. As the ticket came out of the machine, my much more intelligent wife figured out that I had just won $300. May not sound like much but it's easily the most I've ever won at a casino.

I figured the good luck must have come from my little girl so we immediately went to the gift shop where I bought her a stuffed animal. Then we went to a bar where I bought myself a few glasses of nice whiskey and Sam some sparkling water and we enjoyed the rest of the night. So in the end, The River Rock paid us $50 to stay and eat there. It makes me smile that our little girl can look at that stuffed animal and know her daddy got that for her on his gambling winnings.

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