Friday, September 3, 2010


We went grocery shopping last night and while walking through the produce section Sam said "The baby is the size on an eggplant this week. Lets see if we can find one." So we looked and looked and finally saw it in the section of weird fruits. It's huge! What a jump in size. No wonder the baby's kicks feel like a hammer. She's a strong one.

Speaking of that, yes the baby is kicking constantly. Sam loves every minute of it and hasn't even come close to complaining once. A few weeks ago I started feeling them when they were little flutters. The other night I felt a bunch of kicks and punches where I could almost feel the shape of the tiny little foot or hand. If I lay down and look at her stomach like a horizon, you can see the little jumps her skin makes around the kicks. Not quite as much as the zombie baby in the Dawn of the Dead remake but thats probably a good thing. No zombie baby for us, KOW.

Her suite at the end of the hall is 99% done now. We put together the crib last week and hung some picture frames on the wall. We don't have any pictures yet to put in them but I'm sure there will be a thousand in the first week. I've started drawing something for now.

The long weekend is here and we're not going anywhere. Sams got a wedding tomorrow and I've got a Whitecaps game on Sunday so we're staying in town and having some fun. Next week is our 1 year anniversary. How things have changes since this time last year.....It makes me very happy.

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