Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Shoes than Carrie Bradshaw...

Our little girl's closet is growing and we haven't even gone shopping yet! As you can see she's already got a decent size wardrobe and most everything she owns is thanks to her wonderful aunties and grandparents so far. Her shoe collection is growing you can see from the photo, she's got more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw already! (I had to check with my wife on this reference as I'm definitely not an avid Sex and the City watcher.)

This next photo is of the beautiful sweater that Nana Nutley made to keep baby girl warm. Although she probably won't be big enough to wear it for a while, we're sure she's going to love it.

Mommy is making her first official "baby related" shopping trip to the states tomorrow and she couldn't be more excited to pick up a few practical items but also some "VERY cute outfits". I'm sure there will be another post early in the week documenting the items that she picks up.

Anyway, thanks so far to everyone who has bought gifts for our little girl. We (baby included) are very lucky to have such caring and generous friends and family!

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