Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mommy went Shopping!!

This past weekend I (Mommy) went shopping in the states with Auntie Rachel, Auntie Daryl and Nana Bobbi and we had so much fun! This was the first official shopping trip meant specifically for baby items and from the looks of the pictures...baby girl did very well!

My original goal was to find an inexpensive crib mattress for her bed...which I accomplished, but I also found SO many cute items of clothing that I just couldn't resist!

One of my favourite things that I picked up for baby girl was the polka dotted fleece "snow suit" in the second photo...if you look close enough you'll see that it even has teddy bear ears on the hood! SO cute!

The adorable sandals pictured here were a gift from Nana Bobbi (along with a few of the items in the first picture above). You can't tell from the photo but these shoes are TINY! Daddy doesn't think baby girl needs any more shoes...but don't tell him both of her aunties got her a pair of shoes too! lol!

I think Auntie Daryl and Auntie
Rachel each got baby girl a few other adorable things too but I don't have any pictures of those things yet since we could only bring so much across the border! :-)

Thank you to both Aunties and Nana Bobbi for such a fun trip and for all of the wonderful things you bought for your niece/granddaughter!

Can't wait until we go again!

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