Friday, November 9, 2012

No-throw, No-hit, No-spit

It seems pretty evident now that we've hit the terrible two's with our little Olivia. For the last few weeks, we've been seeing tantrums, screaming, crying and destruction on the same level as a Junior Godzilla (or junior Cloverfield to be current).

We knew this was coming and had discussed our strategy well in advance, read up on what to do when a situation arises or got advice from the "wise" elders of past generations. It's just something something we realized is going to happen and it's completely normal. You try to deal with her behaviour and slowly do what you can to calm her and calm yourself. We try talking to her and explaining that we're not happy with what she did, try to get her to clean up her own mess and most importantly be a good example ourselves of how to act. Any other advice would be appreciated, please comment below.

We know that it's a combination of the terrible-two's, jealousy over a new baby in the house and the NHL Lockout. Livi needs her Canucks back!

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