Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rainy Adventures of Corny and Pumpkinny

Ahhh, it's over. Halloween is done for 2012. We'll get excited for it again in 11 months.
Last Friday we made a trip to the pumpkin patch with the girls. We decided to go early on a week day to beat the crowds and take advantage of the discount. One thing we didn't realize was weekdays = field trips. 6 school buses of kids joined us as we braved the elements.

After the initial line up to get in, we were greeted by a dancing Corn on the Cob "Corny" and his pumpkin cohort "Pumpkinny"? and a full band playing songs. We watched for a bit and then got on a tractor for the hayride. They sang songs which Olivia loved and clapped along. They pulled up to the field where we were to pick our pumpkins and dropped us off.

At this moment I realized that putting Livi and I in Chuck Taylors was not a great idea. Sam and Emma the barnacle stood near the edge of the field under an umbrella and attempted to stay warm and dry. Livi and I were off through the mud. "Stuck Daddy!" Livi's little feet were no match for the muck and I was constantly pulling her out. We picked up the first 3 pumpkins that we found and put them in our bags, turned around and got back on the tractor. More songs, more rain, more Pumpkinny aaaaaaaand back to the car.

Well worth it and a great place to go.
Sam and the barnacle

Muddy feet

There's Pumpkinny in the background

All carved

A great night was had by the Nutley's. Olivia was dressed up as her favourite Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby (see Figure 1 for reference) and our little Emma was an aerobics instructor or Emma Newton-John (she did not get physical at all. Unless sleeping and smiling count). Sam made the Abby costume herself from scratch and did a wonderful job. Emma's however was thrown together from stuff we had around the house.

Like last year we went to the mall down the street which does a Halloween event where all of the stores inside give out candy and all proceeds go to charity.

The girls had a great time seeing both of their Nana's, getting lots of candy and being kept up at all night by firecrackers.


Adding freckles

Emma Newton-John

Nana and the girls

Nana and Grandad's house

Abby Cadabby

The Nutleys

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