Sunday, December 19, 2010

Due Date + 4

We've officially been "induced"!

Yesterday, we headed back to the hospital for the second Non-Stress Test as scheduled, to make sure that everything was still fine. Baby was looking great, but my BP was still a little bit on the high side. They took some more blood but then said we could go home and that they would call us if anything looked out of the ordinary so we could come back.

So, a little frustrated and disappointed, we headed home to make lunch. About 20 minutes after we walked in the door my phone started ringing like crazy. 3 of those calls were from Auntie Daryl checking to see what had happened at the hospital but the 4th call was from the hospital telling me that I should definitely come back so that they could "get me delivered"! YAY!

Long story short, we got back to the hospital at 3:30pm and I was examined, given a drug to start the process and then monitored for 2 hours. After the 2 hours, because baby and I were doing fine, we were allowed to go home and get some sleep with instructions to return to the hospital this morning at 10am for another round of the induction drug and to see how things are progressing.

They had warned us that this could be a long process (sometimes 2 days or more) especially since its our first baby and we were essentially starting from scratch. However, we're just happy to have SOMETHING happening so we're taking it all in stride and loving the process.

Right now, we're about to leave for the hospital again and we're feeling pretty good. I've been having some minor pain in my lower abdomen which I'm taking as a good sign! We're not sure if today will be like yesterday again (where we would be sent home after 2 hours) or if depending on the progress we've made, we might end up as soon as we have a better idea, we'll let everyone know!

Fingers crossed though...Little Miss Nutley could be here sometime today or tomorrow!!

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