Thursday, December 9, 2010

Social Networking...what a headache!

Well, we're officially under the one week mark! There are only 5 days left until Little Miss Nutley is due to be here (meaning she could be her ANY day before then as well)! Can you believe it?! We are getting so excited and are just loving the excitement that our friends and family are showing on a daily basis. That being said, its becoming quite difficult to keep the name we have selected for our little one under wraps with the conveniences of Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter! Don't get us wrong...we LOVE the comments and support/concern/excitement that are being sent our way! We would just REALLY like to be the ones to "officially announce" who our little girl is going to be once she's born. Anyway, in order to express our feelings on this subject a little bit better, we have written a letter to those of you who are fortunate enough to be privy to the names we have selected for our daughter. :-)

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you’re all doing well and getting excited for the holidays! As you’re all probably aware, baby girl is due in less than a week and we know you’re all just as excited as we are! We appreciate all of the love, support and well wishes that you’ve all offered so far and today we just have one small request for the remainder of time until our daughter makes her appearance.

We would really, greatly appreciate it if everyone could please refrain from mentioning the names that we have shared with you on facebook or in any other public setting. We have shared these names with you because we trust you and want you to be a part of our excitement, however we would VERY much like to be the ones to “officially” announce our baby girl to the world and these posts are taking away the impact of that announcement that we are so looking forward to making.

We are sure that these innocent slips are increasing in frequency because a) you’re excited and b) probably seeing everything posted by others; but please understand that as they go up we are frantically rushing to delete them in order to save the little bit of surprise for the family and friends that have yet to find out.

Again, we are so SO thankful that each of you cares about us and our baby girl as much as you do! We cannot thank you enough for all of the gifts and offers of support that you have already given as well. We are SO looking forward to introducing our daughter to you in the near future...we just ask that you kindly remember that the amount of excitement you are feeling is multiplied by about a million for us and we can’t WAIT to share that excitement with everyone once she's officially here.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Love you all!

Sam & Seán

All of that being said, if you have a question or just can't WAIT to express your excitement about her or her name, please please don't hesitate to send us an email or private message on the above websites. As we mentioned, we LOVE hearing from all of you and by no means want you to stop...we would just like it to remain as private as possible until the glorious day that she makes her debut. In return, we PROMISE to let you all know as soon as we possibly can once she has arrived!

Here's hoping she doesn't make us all wait TOO much longer! ;-)

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