Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Due Date

Well today is the day. That being the day that she is medically predicted to be here. I sit here at work trying not to do too much. Trying not to get involved in projects that I will need to drop in an instant. I stare at my phone waiting for my Indiana Jones ringtone to tell me that my wife is calling and it's time.

It's just the waiting game now. We gave the baby a long talk last night after dinner and told her all about the world outside and all of the people that care about her. The word "crazy" was uttered a lot. I'm a very patient person but I can't help being anxious. I feel like a huge weight is going to be let off my shoulders as soon as she gets her safely. I also know that an even bigger one is going to be thrown on my back as soon as that happens though.

Hopefully the next blog will be the announcement. Maybe I'm jinxing myself by saying that. KOW

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